Bio Tracking Systems
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Visualization and Presentation

Bairdís system is unique in that it not only allows the visualization and editing of the data in a three dimensional environment resulting in complete tracks for each animal, but, also provides the opportunity to view the tracks against dynamic environmental data (currents, waves, temperature, etc.).

Solid objects defined by some modeling languages such as VRML may also be included in the viewing window. These may be either static objects, such as dams or representations of receivers, or dynamic objects such as fish or other animals.

Key Benefits

    Pattern recognition
    Error checking
    Position orientation
    Best method to communicate complex data

The final presentation tool is the ability to animate the results, either from a fixed position, or along a flight path that might follow the animalís track, and a representation of the animal. These animations may be output to various standard formats such as MPEG and AVI.

Animation Gallery

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