Bio Tracking Systems
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Pre-deployment Analysis

Baird has the knowledge and tools needed for the collection and development of data to simulate a very broad and quantified project environment. By assembling all possible environmental characteristics of the project area we are able to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the marine habitat. We have the capabilities to collect accurate field data as well produce numerical simulation of hydrodynamic variables.

Some examples of the information we may use to define a project environment are:

  • Bathymetric data
  • GIS Mapping
  • Hydro-dynamic models
  • Soil samples
  • Water/Air Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Current meters
  • ADCP measurements
  • Pollution tests
  • Particle Tracking

Our experience in the gathering this information comes from years of work as coastal engineers and physical oceanographers. This specialized expertise is an essential element in developing the relationship between the environment and movement patterns of marine species.

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