Bio Tracking Systems
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The software package utilizes the distinctive features of two applications developed by Baird Software: Baird Animator and Spatial Data Analyzer. These allow the data to be viewed in both a three dimensional environment with dynamic data and also in a 2D GIS environment. Bio-tracking data is often difficult to interpret in its raw form due to uncertainties and complex correlation between different data points.

A series of time-synchronized receivers provides position information based upon signal strength an pressure. A more accurate position estimate can be calculated using the software through hyperbolic solutions from two or more receivers.

The path connecting the temporal positions of an animal is drawn as either a series of line segments, or a smooth curve through the data. Further positioning may be done at this time based upon obvious physical obstructions or knowledge of the animalís physical abilities such as swimming speed, and environmental factors such as current speed. The path may then be re-sampled at a regular time increments if further analysis or animation is desired. Tracks can be viewed individually or as selected groups.

Vital statistics such as the speed of motion, salinity, temperature, current speed and others are easily analyzed and charted.

The database created from the software package is organized by animal identification number, and may be easily imported into other applications such as spreadsheets or database programs. There is also the ability to extract environmental data, hydrodynamic and dynamic information, along the animalís track and summarize these with the track data.

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