Bio Tracking Systems
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Baird Software has an advanced Bio-Tracking software package that has the ability to integrate a variety of complex dynamic datasets synchronized both temporally and spatially into the same environment. The package can perform detailed analyses, generate complete tracks using statistical methods to predict movements where data is missing, and present the data through high quality detailed animations.

Key Services

Example Implementations

Initially these tools were for use primarily on our own projects to help us analyze and visualize numerical model results, however we have discovered that they are extremely useful for analyzing and visualizing the movement patterns of tagged marine species. They not only allow the visualization and editing of the tracking data in a three dimensional environment but also provide the opportunity to view the tracks against dynamic environmental data such as currents, waves, tides, temperature, salinity, habitat, etc. The ability to create interesting and accurate 2D and 3D animations is a significant advantage when trying to convey the results clearly and concisely in public forums.

The package has been used by clients such as the New York Power Authority to track eel movements in the St. Lawrence River, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to do the modeling, analysis and visualization of smolt tracking data along the coast of the state of Maine. The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory at the Stennis Space Center is also using our analysis and visualization software for examining output of various ocean models. All of our systems are customized so that we can meet the needs of the client.